16 Switchable Patterns Outdoor Waterproof Snowflake Christmas Spotlight

  • $35.00



LED projector Christmas light comes with 16 replaceable patterns displays with Snowflake, Christmas Santa, Stars, Clown, Reindeer, Bats, Colorful heart shape, Fireworks, Balloons, Birthday cake, Lips, Halloween skeleton and Butterfly. Each patterns featuring one unique theme creates an instant atmosphere for Christmas parties and happy holidays. The colorful projector images bring an holiday cheerful atmosphere for festive family get-together, parties and more.

16 Different Slides & Colorful Images

It is best idea for many holiday atmosphere, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day, the first of April, Halloween, Thanksgiving, wedding, party, birthday party etc, conveniently to place it at anywhere anywhen. 

Power: 4W
Type of filament lamp: led 
Output voltage : 6v 1A
Input voltage: UL 110-120 v
Waterproof Level: IP65 for the light casing and IP44 for power adapter.

Package Included:
1 * Led Projector Light
1 * User Manual


1. Suitable used in dark nights and dark rooms.
2. Please don't use it in heavy rain day.